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We haul your ENTIRE Estate


Most auction houses do not offer a hauling  service. If they do you may have to wait a few days to have your items hauled off.  Pick up fee applies.

No item too big or too small


Get a free estimate by calling us at 

870-751-0829, set a pickup time and location, 

Professional Service


We will sell your entire estate over the course of multiple auctions to ensure you get the most possible for your items. 


Do you have items  sitting inside of your home, garage, or shed that you don’t need anymore? We can provide you with items removal service and help you claim your space again. We can schedule a time that works best for you to have one our professional and courteous team members come to your home and remove the items you wish to consign.


We are an state Liquidation Company that accomplishes exactly what its name implies. Almost 80% of our business is liquidating estates. Family member past away and you don't have time to schedule an onsite auction?, Elderly and moving out of state?.

Give us a TRY and let us easy the burden of having to figure out what to do with your estate.


We are here to help!.