About Us

Michelle Graetz - Owner & Auctioneer

I am a self taught auctioneer from the Dominican Republic. Being no stranger to ambition, I decided to pursue a profession as an auctioneer. I am committed to applying the skills and knowledge that I have attained from years of business ownership with my husband, Eric, to further enhance my  auction career. Not only will I run my auction on the principles of honesty and integrity, but I will make it my goal to turn every auction into a great  success.
Thank you.

Mobile / On-Site Auctions

These are some of the amenities we provide at our auctions:

  • Double Porta Potty
  • Hand Wash Stations
  • Ran or Shine Auctions
  • Up to 20 x 80 Tents
  • Concessions

Tri-County Expo Auction Gallery

This year we will be opening our Tri-County Expo Auction Gallery which will feature:

  • Consignment Auctions
  • Wholesale / Retail Auctions
  • Estate Auctions
  • 12,000 Square Foot Auction Gallery with Commercial Kitchen
  • Dealers are Welcome